Location: India

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Unprotected unguarded
Prone to perils as we lived
Saving us as we slept, that Angel stood
Between us and death as pledged

Trampling those endangering us with their venomous hood
If it meant losing his breath, he would
Valiant and unfazed that Angel stood
Unnamed, unknown deep in the wood

Sacrifices galore pinned to his chest
In the bargain burning his own nest
His self and happiness always put to test
Still loving his country and men with all his zest

Fighting till the last drop of his blood
Standing guard till he is dead
Marching into the unknown with every breath of bugler
Facing all odds, standing on his own pyre

Away from garlands and that foyer
Scaring death with his fearless stare
Guarding us, ungrateful, without remorse year after year
Akin to Gibraltar stood this angel of valour

A Hero of the country and our God of Courage
Who served us at cost of his life with no mention in any page
With all respect, Sir, we stand still to mourn
As you chose your time to walk into oblivion

God stands to garland you for sure
O Angel of compassion who served the nation without malice or lure
The very thought of missing you here
Smears my eye with a gush of tear

We miss you a lot my dear brother
Rest in God with all peace...My dearest Soldier.

If  I speak, I am termed vociferous
If not, am branded a coward
I am over smart pronouncing  ideas
Dumb hat, when quiet I am called

Ice broke, ages changed
A stone or modern left us evolved
Galileo stoned and Jesus nailed
To emerge a scientist and a blessed

What am I? Am I all
Gods creation or science and all
Myself, am I in this game at all?
With credits to God and changes of evolution and all

Krishna came, Rama gone
Eras changed on religions dawn
Battered and bruised I am still the same
Ditching and killing just for fame.

Moments of magic
That illusionary technique
Veiled world of His, a tactic
With a flowery cover to his empty attic

Four stages to cross
Lovely images to emboss
Reason of science or vision of His
Which painted the world as this.

Bows of rain or Rama's
Tunes of cosmic or flute of Krishna's
Invisible racing chariots of times and ages
Work alike for scientists and sages

Kings, kins and all that spins
Creations, evolutions or His illusions
Sleight of His hand or leaning of axis
Passing of jurassic or Master's theatrics

I walked ignorant of all this
In search of that elusive bliss
Following Him with clear conscience
Prodding to understand as much in science.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Floating in coloured water,
smearing the skies with different clouds,
placating HIM from roots he walked,
into the dark alleys which are marked.

Books stand ridiculed as bunch of banter,
obeisance vanished into oblivions in a canter,
thus far my friend reached,
with every ray of effulgence breached.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

As destined.....
The doctor exclaimed
as I was delivered..
from my mother's womb ..
where I grew protected.

Flowers received,
Blessings showered,
Train of life boarded...
As destined.....

Fumbling all the way,
Fighting the odds to live,
Couple of attempts  succeeded,
Galore of them failed
As destined.....

Walking the labyrinthine corridors of religions,
In search of God who lays claim on my destiny,
Trying to align and not to be an alien,
Questioning everything but not in mutiny....
With the ' I ' which is me,
With an eye unable to see ' ME ',
Gasping to HIS roll and pitch,
Searching colours for my ' unfinished ' sketch,
In this unending saga of ' Lives ' ....
As destined......

Some ' learned ' changed Gods ,
To a better ' Author ' of better ' Destiny ',
Trying to figure which God for what destiny,
Stung by the very thought ...
Aghast I am driven......probably,
As destined. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It was so absorbing,
I felt it amazing,
every turn...
every hike...
the abyss and
the hill alike...
glorified numerous times..
thrashed as worthless dimes..
I kept walking,
to attend my final ritual,
with some crying ...
some chatting as usual,
as I passed the race..
with my whatever pace,
the jury hugged and started inquiring,
was it relaxing or tiring,
I smiled......
as I know....
Another race ready to run...
Another bout being planned to be done.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Its there I thought
and will be there I presumed
the dream castles of life.....mine
and as the wheels of time cruised
crushing and dismantling
the dream castles
sullenly I stood
still ignorant
still unwilling
to know the inevitable
Befall the sky I thought
I'll reclaim and regain
what went crushed.....
to my dismay soon ....
the time wheel ...
made its appearance at my very door step
with a charriot attached behind
and oh dear.....
I gave in...
and the next.....
I was resting in the charriot
ready to be taken to new fields...
for a new role...
to build a new dream castle..

Sunday, August 02, 2009

ఎరుక లేని వాడి సంత
ఏలే వాడికేరుక
పడకేక్కేంత దాక
పట్టదు కదా వాడి చింత
రంగుటద్దాలలో చూస్తూ
రక్త మాంసాల బరువు పెంచుతూ
తలదన్నే వాడు లేడని వీగుతున్న
ఈ తంతు ఒక వింత

రామ రామ అను చోటికి రామ్ రామ్ అనుకుని
కలిలో కలుస్తవేం అన్ని కాదనుకొని
భారం తనేదని
నడుపుతున్న విభుని
నమ్మి నడుచు వాడె కదా గుణదని
ఒకింత సంభాలించు అన్ని పక్కనపెట్టి
అనంతరూపుని ధ్యానించు ఇప్పుడైనా శ్రద్ధపెట్టి.

నాకు తెలిసిన నేను
నన్ను తెలిసిన లోకానికి చూపలనుకుంటున్నాను
ఈ గాలి తిత్తి నుండి
సంకేత స్వరాలు పంపాలని ప్రయత్నిస్తున్నాను
దగ్ధమవుతున్న ధార్మికతను
అశ్రుధారలతో అర్ప తలపోస్తున్నాను
కలి గాలి ధాటికి కూలుతున్న సంస్కార సౌధాలను
కడ ఊపిరితో కాపాడ ప్రయత్నిస్తున్నాను
నిశీధి పొరలను చీల్చే
ఓంకార కిరణ కణంగా మారి
ఆ తమఘ్న విభు కొలువులో
దివ్యజ్యోతిగా అర్పితమౌతను.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

We Indians started this Year with a new theme.


Surprisingly this marvelous credit goes to the most civilised cities (as we call them), ie, our very own metros.

Seldom a day passed, in this new year, without a case of molestation or an attempt to rape or a rape.

Not even the visitors are spared, ie, our foreign friends who are on a visit to explore the "great tradition, culture and values " of our country.

Are we a sex starved nation?..asked a newspaper in its headlines..

Is this the way we treat our sisters and mothers?

We belong to a great nation and are all set to be the global superiors soon.
What we need is the strong and broad shoulders of our youth with their 'heads' well balanced on their shoulders.
Lets always remember the fact that "where women are respected Gods descend to make it their abode".

New Year 2008...

New Resolutions..
So many parties ..
overlaps of christmas and sankranti..
new faces..
bull bashes..

I know many such things are 'in place' to keep us all busy.

Have a blast.

I will pray for you all.

May this new year bring PEACE, PROSPERITY, HEALTH, WEALTH AND SUCCESS to all of you.

May God be with you.
Good Luck.